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Website Expertise. Design. SEO Marketing.

Emediacy Creates Websites that Connect with Customers and Drive Sales.

Looking for a great web designer in Bend Oregon? Emediacy is your answer.

With over 20 years of experience in providing professional SEO marketing, web design and web development services in Bend OR , we can transform your business with a sleek, eye-catching website that generates traffic and converts leads to sales.


We specialize in working with businesses in the outdoor adventure and lifestyle industries. To date, we have helped hundreds of businesses to develop their brand identity, and develop a winning website design, in order to reach and exceed their business growth goals.

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3 Pillars of SEO marketing & Website Success

What are the three pillars of SEO marketing & web design success? It all starts with driving website traffic. The second pillar is visitor engagement, which helps keep visitors on your site for longer. The third pillar is delivering sales and business growth by converting your visitors into paying customers. All three pillars are important and need to be a part of your strategy for business owner success. Let Emediacy help create your new website.

Are you getting the results you want?

A great website needs to be able to attract potential customers, keep them engaged and convert visitors into clients. A web design marketing strategy that does this will have the highest chance of creating growth for your company. Let us develop your new custom website.

An Emediacy Website Success Audit can Grow your Business

Capture Website Traffic

Website traffic is a leading source of business growth. Emediacy can help to drive more visitors to your website and turn them into devoted customers.

Set yourself apart from the competition and attract more customers online with Emediacy’s web design services. Search engine optimization is a powerful tool to drive website traffic. Increase your online visibility so you can take on the competition and grow your business.

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Increase Visitor Engagement

The key to a successful web design is creating interactions that drive a user’s engagement. Now let’s explore Pillar Two of your website success: Visitor engagement.

Nowadays, it’s all about grabbing attention quickly. Your website design has to be eye-catching and of high quality for clients to go past that 3-second threshold.

Increase Visitor Engagement

Create Loyal Customers

Website traffic is essential to your business success. Emediacy can help to drive more visitors to your site and turn them into devoted customers.

Our goal is to help you attract more traffic and convert that traffic into leads and sales.

Increase Online Sales

Our website design & SEO marketing work

Emediacy Website Success Audit

The Emediacy WebSight Success Audit is our way to measure your organization’s online performance. It allows us to identify the avenues to improve your website traffic, branding, engagement, and online sales.

Discover the 3 pillars of website success and learn how Emediacy can help you to drive traffic, generate leads, and increase sales today. Schedule a Free Consult Today!

Our WebSight Success Audit is used to evaluate your website challenges and identify opportunities to achieve the following goals:
1) Get Visitors to your Website
2) Create Visitor Engagement
3) Increase Conversion Rates

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emediacy helps clients master the art of doing business online using SEO marketing

Digital Marketing & SEO Marketing

We offer complete digital marketing solutions to make sure your website is seen by the right people at the right time. From building custom landing pages to setting up social media campaigns, we’ve got you. We offer search engine optimization.

Bend’s Leading Web Agency

Emediacy is Bend’s leading web design company, and local business, specializing in all your website design needs. With our diverse team of experts, we can take care of anything from web development to SEO and marketing automation for your brand. Take advantage of the best website design bend oregon. Our website designers are amazing and provide great customer service.

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Website Design

We’re experts at creating eye-catching websites, and marketing campaigns that are tailored to your business needs. Our talented design and branding agency will make sure that your website meets all of your requirements and surpasses your expectation. Let us help your brand reach new heights! Work with the website design company in Bend.

Website Development

With over 20 years of experience, we have helped businesses across the US to bring their ideas to life. We offer a comprehensive website design service for all stages of growth – from start-ups to established businesses.

Website Client Testimonials

I have worked with Emediacy Digital Marketing for several years now. We reworked the branding of all of our HoseCoil products for 2020. The newly revamped product line is selling very well with our Boating Industry customers thanks to the attractive high-impact brand designs that David created. I appreciate the results and also enjoyed working with Emediacy on these projects. Rob Walsh President, OCEAN EQUIPMENT

Rob WalshOcean Equipment CEO

Emediacy promised that they would take care of our wordpress website updates promptly, gives us a great-looking website, and improve the results from all of our marketing efforts including Google Adwords. They delivered on all counts!

Eleanor Butchart, Owner - On Fire Santa Rosa

It was a pleasure working with David as our new venture built its first-ever wordpress website. He quickly responded to our requests, was generous with his time as we requested refinements, and even helped us improve our logo design for other uses. As his firm name suggests, he's good at providing all aspects of electronic media in a timely manner.

Marilyn ForestellFounder, Sew Teach Me

Emediacy has been amazing to work with. They rebuilt our wordpress website for the Alvord Hot Springs, added reservation capabilities, and just made it look so much better. David is so easy to work with. He can talk to you for a short time and somehow just knows what you are thinking. I highly recommend him to help with all your digital marketing needs."

Rebecca Chambers

I wanted to thank David from Emediacy for hosting and building my website David first listened to what we wanted our website to do, then he helped us develop our existing content and create new content as well. My experience with David was great and I would recommend him to any small business looking for a new or updated wordpress website.

Jeremy Boethin DC, Point Chiropractic

I wanted to take a moment to encourage you to engage with David's services as he's been one of the most thorough and creative web designers I've had the chance to work with. He custom tailors his services to your needs yet brings lots of great ideas/plans to the table. I would highly recommend Emediacy Digital Marketing.

Blake Matlock, Owner, Pro Motion Physical Therapy

David Buchmueller and Emediacy created a custom website template in order to meet my visual web design preferences and showed me possibilities I hadn't known about which make my website much more effective. He's also a pleasure to work with, and he was very patient with me.

Fredericka Foster

I had begun to create a brand identity, but it was the web design artistry and knowledgeable guidance of David and Emediacy that truly helped my craft grow. The patient instruction, creative ideas, and professional results all put Emediacy at the top of what today is a very competitive marketing and advertising field.

Deborah Keith — Songs of Life

I think Emediacy is simply amazing! - David is very punctual, artistic, helpful, on point with current website design & search engine optimization, detailed with email newsletters and blogging updates, and affordable.

Mara S Kevan, Mara Acupuncture

We have worked with Emediacy for many years now. David has completed numerous projects for us - including print catalog graphic design, website design, and creating and updating the Health Journeys blogs. We consider him a valuable part of our team.

Cindy Stalnaker — Health Journeys Inc.

Why websites are so important to your bottom line. Website Design Marketing

The core element of most businesses is the website, in this way it is the central command center for digital marketing efforts. And yet, 44% to 51% of small businesses do not have a website. It is vital to your business that you have a website and that it accurately reflects who you are, what you do and that your other digital channels (i.e pay per click ads, email marketing, e-commerce and social media) lead back to the website, where sales can be made, or other calls to action accomplished.Websites are an essential tool for businesses to establish credibility and build trust with customers. A business’s online presence can have a massive impact on its success.

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