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Anatomy of Digital Marketing – Part 1

6 essential steps to build your online presence and drive business success

Anatomy of Digital Marketing

Anatomy of Digital Marketing:
A study on how the human body is a metaphor for your company’s online strategy

As told by Emediacy’s Founder and Principal Digital Strategist: David Buchmueller

Just like your body operates as a system, so does digital marketing and your online strategy. All of the elements of the system are necessary for the body to function at top capacity – this is also true for your online presence. For example, one’s hands and feet continually send information to the brain, the central command center. One’s heart is the engine fueling and guiding it all. In Digital Marketing, email campaigns, pay-per-click ads, e-commerce features and social media are tools on the world wide web where customers can be found, and brought back to the brain of your business, the website. Brand development is the personality, voice, and drive that threads all elements together.

Let emediacy guide you through the anatomy of Digital Marketing and how your enterprise’s strategic online presence works as a system to funnel customers to your website.

Digital Marketing Elements explored in this document:

Website Design

The core element of most businesses is the website, in this way it is the central command center for digital marketing efforts. And yet, 44% to 51% of small businesses do not have a website. It is vital to your business that you have a website and that it accurately reflects who you are, what you do, and that your other digital channels (i.e pay per click ads, email marketing, e-commerce, and social media) lead back to the website, where sales can be made, or other calls to action accomplished.
This is a good place to focus effort before delving into the other digital marketing channels.

Questions to ask about your website:

  • Is your website accurate, compelling, and up to date?
  • Do other digital channels lead back to the website?
  • What are modern customers looking for when they visit your website?
  • First, they expect you to have one
  • Your company’s story so they can build a connection with your brand
  • A map and directions to your brick and mortar so they can find your business
  • They want to know why they should trust you and the brands or services you sell
  • Testimonials
  • Industry facts
  • Researching products. Nowadays, people are busy and smart. They have no time to visit the shop. They search the internet to become informed about products and services. Customers can learn about the brands, features, price, size, color through your website.
  • Purchase products
  • Customers want information 24 hours a day and your website gives them this resource
  • Ways to engage. If customers really like your brand, they’ll want to read your blog, see the media streams from your social media channels on your website and leave comments to engage in conversation. Customers want to interact with your brand.

If you DON’T have it done well…

  • You’re probably losing out on opportunities for your business
  • You’re missing out on leads
  • You’re missing out on a great first impression
  • You’re letting your customers down in a big way and that means losing sales
  • The website is cluttered with contradicting information, sporadic design
    elements and unnecessary functions

If you DO have it done well…

Other benefits of investing in a website

  • A Timesaver for customers and business owners. One way to do this is a frequently asked questions page.
  • It doesn’t matter how small your physical business is or if you don’t have a brick and mortar at all, you can still leverage lots of digital traffic and sales
  • You have complete control over how you demonstrate your offerings. Through video, photos, and written stories, it’s way easier to control a customer’s experience with your brand and products digitally
  • You can create a new customer base by reaching audiences across the globe, and you want to get to those people before your competitors do

If you want to have a successful company in the modern marketplace, you’ve got to have a professional website. The importance of a website for marketing extends to every aspect of your digital marketing strategy. Imagine having a body without a head…

This post is part 1 of a six part article that goes through the Six Essential Steps to Building an Effective Online Presence. The full article can be downloaded here.