HoseCoil E-Commerce Website



Hosecoil E-commerce website

About HoseCoil

HoseCoil manufactures and sells innovative products for boat washdown. Hosecoil products are used on high-end powerboats, fishing boats, and sailboats. E-Commerce Website Design by Emediacy.

The Mission

Update an old e-commerce website running on a has-been e-commerce platform. Create a visually compelling deep look at the innovative HoseCoil products and show those products in use. Develop an easy-to-use e-commerce experience that makes it easy for customers to purchase HoseCoil products.

Prior to beginning the new website, Emediacy redesigned all of the retail packaging for the HoseCoil boat wash-down products as well as the HoseCoil sales brochure that is sent to distributors and trade shows.

The Impact

The newly designed product packaging delivered a fresh, clean look that has proven effective in retail outlets. The product line is selling very well with Boating Industry customers thanks to the attractive high-impact packaging. The opportunity to take advantage of the new product packaging and photography is what drove HoseCoil to bring in Emediacy to create a new e-commerce website.


E-commerce Website
Product Photography
Print & Packaging Design

The Results

Great product branding, together with a cohesive, aligned website pulled together the brand value of the HoseCoil product line.


I have worked with Emediacy for several years now. We repackaged all of our HoseCoil products for 2020. The newly revamped product line is selling very well with our Boating Industry customers thanks to the attractive high-impact packaging that David created. I appreciate the results and also enjoyed working with Emediacy on these projects. Rob Walsh President, OCEAN EQUIPMENT