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Life & Times – Covid-19

This is truly a challenging time for all of us. The massive disruption that has been caused by closing workplaces and public spaces has changed everything for many people. Not to mention the financial fallout of this crisis.

On the positive side, there is increased family time for many of us. I am happy to have my two college students home for the duration. Another benefit that I have been hearing from clients is that they now have time to put into planning their outreach to their customers. I am also hearing that people are a little uncomfortable about spending on marketing efforts at this time. I understand. Emediacy is happy to work with people on some outreach efforts that may not happen immediately.

Often people don’t have the time to put into this effort in the midst of their busy lives. So this challenging time can be a good opportunity. Please contact me if you want to discuss ways to plan ahead for the inevitable time when this crisis is over and we go back to being busier than ever.