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Why You Need a Website Scope Document

Why You Need a Website Scope Document: Work Statement & Project Examples

By Business Growth Strategies, Design, Digital Marketing, Website Success, Websites

A website scope document is a backbone for your digital project- whether it be content, design or development. It’s where all of your ideas and thoughts are collated in one place so the agency or team members understand what was requested by whom when and how. It also acts as a checklist for your project, including deliverables and deadlines. What is a Website Development Scope of Work? Introduction A Website Development Scope of Work is a document that outlines the goals, objectives, and target audience for a website development project. It is important to research the project before starting so…

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Life & Times – Covid-19

By Design, Inspiration

This is truly a challenging time for all of us. The massive disruption that has been caused by closing workplaces and public spaces has changed everything for many people. Not to mention the financial fallout of this crisis. On the positive side, there is increased family time for many of us. I am happy to have my two college students home for the duration. Another benefit that I have been hearing from clients is that they now have time to put into planning their outreach to their customers. I am also hearing that people are a little uncomfortable about spending…

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Ways to Market Your Business in 2023

By Design

The game of marketing your small business changes every year. SEO rules change, online marketing options improve, consumer behavior adjusts to new ways of doing business. But some marketing principles remain the same – especially when it comes to small business customer marketing. We pulled together our collective experience over here at Emediacy and we bring you 17 ways you can market your business to increase sales in 2023 – let us know what else you would add! We’d love to hear from you! Customer Engagement Engaging with your customers is an effective and necessary way to ensure that you…

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Emediacy Is a Sponsor of Chaos Theory

By Design, Inspiration

Emediacy is a proud sponsor of Summit Robotics – a high-school robotics team in Central Oregon. They give students the opportunity to develop hands-on, real-world skills in engineering, programming, business, and more. Their FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) Team, 5468 Chaos Theory, is part of the Pacific Northwest District and has competed with teams from around the world. In 2017 they qualified for the FIRST World Championship in Houston, TX which was an amazing experience for the team.

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