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Why are landing pages so important?

Trying to get a user to take a single, particular action on a standard web page is very difficult. Our attention spans are so small now (they were measured at an average of 8.25 seconds in 2015 and only decreasing as time moves on) that a standard web page simply has too many distractions. Even if a user comes to a web page with a goal in mind, they may get distracted by something in the navigation bar, a link to another part of the website or an advertisement on the page.

Landing pages

The beauty of landing pages is that they limit a visitor’s options to a single choice: whether to opt-in, or not to opt-in. By removing the navigation bar, the sidebar, the footer, and by focusing the design and copy on achieving one single outcome, users are guided towards that outcome. As a result, the decision becomes binary. They either complete the intended action or they exit the page. There is no alternative. When the user completes the action, you get your lead.

Key takeaways: