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Creating Effective Landing Pages

If you’re looking to gather leads for your business, you need to have a landing pages strategy.


Just like every other marketing tactic, this can be done well or it can be done poorly. In order to see the greatest return on investment, businesses need to understand how to set strategic goals for their landing pages and how to design them to be effective.

What is a landing page?

Let’s start the guide by being absolutely clear: your homepage is not a landing page. For that matter, neither is your product page, your pricing page, your contact page, nor even your about page.

When we talk about landing pages from a marketing perspective, we are referring only to specific pages that have been expressly designed to achieve a particular goal. Typically, the goal will be to obtain the user’s email address and other personal information. But it could also be to download a PDF, register for a webinar or make a purchase. Whatever the goal is, the landing page should be solely focused on that goal. All landing pages, regardless of who they are aimed at or what their goal is, will have the following elements:

A headline

This is the first thing people see and will usually outline exactly what you are offering.

An offer

You must give users a reason to take action. This is achieved by highlighting what you are offering and how they will benefit from it.

A call-to-action

This is the element that users click to take action. Typically it will be a button, but it could also be a link or a form.

And that’s it. Most landing pages will have a few more elements, such as images and trust indicators, but a landing page can be successful using only the three elements above. In fact, keeping the landing page as simple as possible with a single offer leads to better results.

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