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Marketing Automation

Lead Generation – Essential Steps to Grow your Business

By Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, Marketing Automation
This video presentation discusses how to Drive Sales using Website Lead Generation to create an Online Sales Funnel. The process begins with the creation of a lead magnet made available on your website. This entices entice people to submit their mail address to you. This is often a free downloadable e-book or a similar informational resource. Once someone gives you their contact information, you can begin communicating with that lead, to explain the value of your product or service. Ultimately, the goal is to get interested people to purchase your good or service. This presentation was originally given to the...
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Objectives of Marketing Automation

By Digital Marketing, Marketing Automation

Marketing agencies know that marketing automation is vital to their success and the success of their clients. Agencies report that they are using marketing automation to increase lead generation (65%) and to improve lead nurturing (59%). Both of these activities lead to increasing sales revenue, which was reported as an objective for 42% of agencies. Agency professionals are making it clear that automation is increasing quality leads, producing actionable metrics and generating revenue. The days of operating an agency without an automation platform are over. It used to be a ‘nice to have’ add-on, but today it is vital to…

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