Paro, Bhutan

Nestled in one of Bhutan’s most historic valleys in the western part of the country is the town of Paro. Located in a dzongkhag, or district, of the same name, Paro is a culturally-rich town and district. The uppermost part of the valley in which it lies has close connections to its Tibetan neighbors to the north. The town and the surrounding area are also home to several historical buildings and sacred sites.

Getting There

Paro is also notable because it is the only entry point into the country for travelers arriving by plane, as it’s home to the country’s sole international airport. Its position high in the Himalayas makes Paro International Airport arguably the most difficult and most dangerous airport to land at in the world. It only has one runway, and only a handful of pilots are allowed the land there, and they can only do so in certain conditions.