Digital Marketing

emediacy offers a number of ways to strengthen your online web presence, particularly with a new website.

Online Advertising: Google Ads

emediacy is a google certified agency and we can create a powerful and effective online advertising campaign for your business. The results of a review of your website can be used to create your online marketing campaign and find the most cost effective strategies to bring traffic to your web site. Online advertising can be set up to drive traffic to your site, or to facilitate phone calls directly to your business, depending on the type of ad. Ad campaigns are targeted to your goeographic region. Once the campaign has been created, a monthly budget is set, and the online advertising campaign begins. emediacy monitors these campaigns for effectiveness and makes refinements as needed.

Optimize Google My Business page

Your Google My Business page displays location, reviews and business information. Emediacy can optimize this page to appear higher in the search engine ranking. This free search engine listing can be very helpful to your marketing efforts.

Search Engine Optimization

emediacy first reviews your web site to determine how well your site performs on the various search engines. Using that research, we look for opportunities to better achieve your primary business goals. The results of this research can then be used to edit your web site content to get better search results and reach your intended customers.